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Here are some sources I've found helpful, albeit for a very particular set
of questions around automation.

Marxian Historians, Social Scientists:
Nobel - Forces of Production (a one-time SHOT member)
Braverman - Labor and Monopoly Capital
Pollock -  Automation: A Study of Its Social and Economic Consequences

Influential Popular Writers:
Rifkin - The End of Work
Andre Gorz - Farewell to the Working Class

Leontief, Autor, Brynjolfsson, McAfee
Levy - The New Division of Labor
Vivarelli - Innovation and Employment: A Survey

Management Theorists:
Herbert Simon - The Corporation: Will It be Managed by Machines? (published
Drucker - The Practice of Management

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> SIGCIS members,
>     Concerning the subject of automation, and how it relates to modern
> society--particularly, the economic and psychological effects that ensue,
> seems to be a thought-provoking topic in our current milieu. Can anyone
> suggest any good publications on this topic?
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