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Automation deserves it's own bibliography.  And depending how one defines
the word  (does it include autonomous technology?) it could be pretty
extensive.  Here's a few well known texts on the automation of work:

Nicholas Carr,  _The Glass Cage_
Martin Ford, _Rise of the Robots_
Barbara Garson,  _How Computers Are Transforming The Office of the Future
Into the Factory of the Past_
David Noble, _Progress Without People_ (especially chapter 4: 'Automation
Matthew Crawford,  _Shop Class as Soulcraft_  (especially his sections on
the degradation of blue collar and white collar work)
Frederick Winslow Taylor,  _The Principles of Scientific Management_ (not
really a book about automation per se.  But it provides an important
framework for understanding the belief systems that drive automation)

Obviously there are many many more.  But for an initial foray into the
subject matter would this be a good place to start?  What other texts would
people put on this list?  It sort of depends what sort of automation one is
interested in exploring.  Are you interested in the automation of work?  Or
are you interested in the literary representation of robots?  Or are you
interested in Langdon Winner's worries about autonomous technology and
technology out of control? (a form of automation I suppose)  Each of these
flavors of automation would impel one to write up a bibliography with a
different emphasis.


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> SIGCIS members,
>     Concerning the subject of automation, and how it relates to modern
> society--particularly, the economic and psychological effects that ensue,
> seems to be a thought-provoking topic in our current milieu. Can anyone
> suggest any good publications on this topic?
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