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A few tangents you might explore:

It's hard to overstate the influence of Norbert Wiener's *Cybernetics *(and
popular writing like T*he Human use of Human Beings*) on subsequent
management theorists.

SHOT's very own David Allen Grier has written quite a lot on the labor
processes used in scientific computing before and during the introduction
of automatic computing machinery. These are not directly related to
"automation" per se (which term was coined circa 1940) but I found them
very helpful in providing historical context and illustrating the basic
continuity of some tendencies in the technical division of labor from the
pre- to post- automatic computing eras.

Finally, SHOT's own Nathan Ensmenger recently published *The Computer Boys
Take Over, *an invaluable history of some of the changes in occupational
structure engendered by "computerization". It's particularly good on gender.

On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 6:16 PM, Bjorn Westergard <bjornw at gmail.com> wrote:

> Here are some sources I've found helpful, albeit for a very particular set
> of questions around automation.
> Marxian Historians, Social Scientists:
> Nobel - Forces of Production (a one-time SHOT member)
> Braverman - Labor and Monopoly Capital
> Pollock -  Automation: A Study of Its Social and Economic Consequences
> Influential Popular Writers:
> Rifkin - The End of Work
> Andre Gorz - Farewell to the Working Class
> Economists:
> Leontief, Autor, Brynjolfsson, McAfee
> Levy - The New Division of Labor
> Vivarelli - Innovation and Employment: A Survey
> Management Theorists:
> Herbert Simon - The Corporation: Will It be Managed by Machines?
> (published 1960)
> Drucker - The Practice of Management
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>> SIGCIS members,
>>     Concerning the subject of automation, and how it relates to modern
>> society--particularly, the economic and psychological effects that ensue,
>> seems to be a thought-provoking topic in our current milieu. Can anyone
>> suggest any good publications on this topic?
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