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I agree with Dave that we attempt to take the high road, and stick to discussing publishing ethics in the abstract on the SIGCIS mailing list. I understand the frustrations of those historians who feel slighted, overlooked and brushed off. Those who have been called out by name can definitely respond to specifics. But intense personal viewpoints are probably better expressed on personal blogs, with links provided on the SIGCIS mailing list for those interested in following up.


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Am I the only one who thinks this is getting out of hand.  It seems to me there is a rush to convict the author based on second hand knowledge or to try him in an ad hoc court ("produce the evidence") which could lead to destroying his career, if that hasn't happened already regardless of what he says now.  Perhaps his university or the magazine which have more first hand facts should decide if there is a problem.  I think it is fine to discuss publishing ethics on this list in the abstract or with example's whose validity have been historically established.  I'd rather this list wasn't a forum for what seems increasingly to me like savaging people's reputations in the guise of an ethics discussion.  
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