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Hi Sigcis'ers,

as an aside, Claude Shannon's first met his wife when she worked as a 
colleague and human computer at Bell Labs. She left the Labs after they 
married. I was always curious to know more about how or if her work 
dialogued with that of C. Shannon. The latter was famous for doing much 
of his work at home and it seemed to me plausible that some of his 
projects -- so many of which were a kind of "amateur" work, in the sense 
of something done for joy rather than narrow technical and professional 
applications -- could well have intersected or elaborated some of their 
shared interests. Alas, that's one "cold case" that I won't have a 
chance to hunt down but I'd be thrilled if someone somewhere found 
something out or wrote something on it one day...


On 11/11/14 4:56 PM, Nathan Ensmenger wrote:
> Bill — thanks for sharing that photo of your mother.  If you are willing/interested, there is a blog called nobrocomputing (http://nobrocomputing.tumblr.com) that is collecting images of women in information technology (very broadly defined).  It was started by Lilly Irani at UCSD but I am one of the editors.  I am pretty sure that anyone can submit directly to the site.
> I would encourage everyone on the SIGCIS list to keep an eye out for such images and to share them when possible.  Having them available and collected in a single place is important and useful.
> Also, thank you to our SIGCIS leaders Andy Russell and Tom Haigh for organizing a particularly excellent workshop in Dearborn this past weekend!
> -Nathan
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