[SIGCIS-Members] Mary Eunice Amos

Nathan Ensmenger nensmeng at indiana.edu
Tue Nov 11 07:56:54 PST 2014

Bill — thanks for sharing that photo of your mother.  If you are willing/interested, there is a blog called nobrocomputing (http://nobrocomputing.tumblr.com) that is collecting images of women in information technology (very broadly defined).  It was started by Lilly Irani at UCSD but I am one of the editors.  I am pretty sure that anyone can submit directly to the site.

I would encourage everyone on the SIGCIS list to keep an eye out for such images and to share them when possible.  Having them available and collected in a single place is important and useful.

Also, thank you to our SIGCIS leaders Andy Russell and Tom Haigh for organizing a particularly excellent workshop in Dearborn this past weekend!


Nathan Ensmenger
Associate Professor of Informatics
School of Informatics and Computing
Indiana University, Bloomington

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