[SIGCIS-Members] Contract history opportunity, History of defense cyber policy

Thomas Haigh thaigh at computer.org
Mon Aug 12 14:47:26 PDT 2013

Hello Everyone,

This might be a good opportunity for some of you (see below). The material
you get on the website by clicking the link is a little opaque to those not
used to government solicitations. I did spot a deadline of Sept 9, and the
thing required seems to be a detailed quote for doing the work and a plan
for carrying it out. So this is a piece of business to bid on, rather than a
job to apply for. Also some restrictions on use of child labor, relationship
with South Sudan, and other government boilerplate.

The things specific to the actual project seem to be in Attachment 2. Note
that you must be able to secure "Top Secret" clearance, which the government
can sponsor contractors for. That would rule out those without US
citizenship. They also want a history PhD, existing expertise in cyber
security, at least five years experience of "US national security policy
since 1945" and experience in oral history.

Best wishes,


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Subject: History of defense cyber policy

The Historical Office, Office of the Secretary of Defense, has posted a
solicitation for proposals on FedBizOps for a contract to research and write
a special study on the history of cyber policy within the Office of the
Secretary of Defense, 1977-2001.  The contract is for one base year and one
option year.  The completed study should be approximately 150-200 pages,
including extensive endnotes and a bibliography.  The contractor may be
required to conduct oral history interviews and write additional historical
information papers in support of the study.

For further information, including points of contact for the solicitation,
see https://www.fbo.gov/spg/ODA/WHS/REF/HQ0193-3141-0437/listing.html.  Do
not contact the OSD Historical Office directly regarding this solicitation.

Please circulate this announcement widely.  

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