[SIGCIS-Members] Call for Technology & Culture Book and Manuscript Reviewers

Jason Gallo jagallo at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 15:59:36 PDT 2023

Hello, SIGCIS.

I'm passing along a note from the Technology & Culture editorial team
(below). They are soliciting new reviewers for books and manuscripts.



As the editorial team of Technology and Culture, it is our ambition to use
the book review
section to provide a comprehensive overview of new books relevant to
historians of technology,
defining history of technology quite broadly, and including books in other
languages than
English. As a result, at the moment we publish on average 40 reviews per
Given the relatively small size of our team, we are always on the lookout
for people willing to
review books (or manuscripts) for us. For book reviews, our general
guidelines ask for a 700-
word review. Our standard deadline is two months from the arrival of the
book, but we are
willing to work with your schedule.

If you are interested in reviewing, and have the time and capacity to do
so, please send a message
to the assistant review editor Henk-Jan Dekker (assistant at techculture.org)
and book review
assistant Leon Vauterin (bookreviewassistant at techculture.org). In your
email, please attach a
short CV, specify what your expertise and current interests are, and the
subjects of books you
would like to review. Also, please indicate the languages you feel
confident to read (noting that
the reviews will need to be in English).

If you have seen a recent title that particularly interests you, do not
hesitate to suggest yourself as
a reviewer either. We try to keep track of the latest publications through
publisher websites and
catalogues, but we might have missed it, or might not be aware of your
specific interest in the

We look forward to hearing from some of you!

Best wishes from the T&C team,

Ruth Oldenziel, Editor-in-chief,
Mor Lumbroso, Managing editor
Dick van Lente, Book review editor
Henk-Jan Dekker, Assistant review editor
Leon Vauterin, Book review assistant
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