[SIGCIS-Members] Annals of the History of Computing 45:3, July-Sept 2023

David Hemmendinger hemmendd at union.edu
Fri Sep 15 14:11:07 PDT 2023

	I'm very pleased to announce publication of the Annals issue,
Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence in Europe, edited by Helen Piel
and Rudolf Seising.  The table of contents follows.
	David Hemmendinger, EIC

Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence in Europe, Helen Piel,
Rudolf Seising  (guest editors' introduction)

Literature and Artificial Intelligence, Hans-Christian von Herrmann

Early AI in Britain: Turing et al.,  B. Jack Copeland

The Representation of Knowledge and the Relevance of Biological Models
at the Symposium on the Mechanization of Thought Processes, 1958,
Matthew Cobb

The "KI-Rundbrief," Its Editors, and Its Community: A Perspective on
West German AI, 1975-1987, Dinah Pfau, Helen Piel, Florian Muller,
Jakob Tschandl, Rudolf Seising

Socialist AI? Societal Use, Economic Implementation, and the Tensions
of Applied Computer Science in Late Socialist GDR, Martin Schmitt

Anecdote: History of the CAL Timesharing System, Paul McJones, David Redell

Review of Proxies: The Cultural Work of Standing In, by Dylan Mulvin,
Gili Vidan 

Review of Code: From Information Theory to French Theory, by Bernard
Dionysius Geoghegany, Sam H. Franz

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