[SIGCIS-Members] Internet Histories to announce that Volume 6, Issue 3

Asger Harlung asger at cc.au.dk
Mon Sep 12 05:28:37 PDT 2022

To whom it may concern

The journal Internet Histories to announce that Volume 6, Issue 3 has been completed, and is available online.

One article in this issue is Open Access, and one is free for a limited time.

The issue may be accessed here:

Below, please find an overview of contents of this issue.

Please also consider submitting an article to the journal, more information about submission can be found here http://www.tandfonline.com/action/authorSubmission?journalCode=rint20&page=instructions.

Kind regards on behalf of the Internet Histories editorial team,

Asger Harlung,
Editorial Assistant,
Internet Histories



Know Your Meme and the homogenization of web history| Free Access
Ben T. Pettis

Aleph-bet, dits-and-dahs, zeros and ones: representing Hebrew in character code
Ido Ramati

Making common sense of cyberlibertarian ideology: The journalistic consecration of John Perry Barlow
Michael Buozis

Cypherpunk ideology: objectives, profiles, and influences (1992–1998) | Open Access
Craig Jarvis

Book Reviews
Thomas, J., Wilken, R., & Rennie, E. (2021). Wi-Fi . Cambridge: Polity press
Maria Rikitianskaia

The promise of access: Technology, inequality, and the political economy of hope
By Daniel Greene, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2021. 272 pp., ISBN: 9780262542333, $30.00
Marc Aidinoff
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