[SIGCIS-Members] Homework assignment types for computer history survey course?

Koblentz, Evan A evan.koblentz at njit.edu
Thu Jun 30 11:13:16 PDT 2022

This week I received my course evaluations from our spring semester. It was
my first time working as an adjunct instructor. The student evaluations of
my knowledge and teaching were great, the only exception being that
everyone ranked the assignments as average, easy, or very easy.

The assignments were:
- multiple choice quiz at the start of each class, to ensure the students
read the homework chapters
- midterm with 10 open-ended questions
- final paper

For those who teach similar courses (survey of the history of computing),
what kind of assignments do you give? Also what sort of in-class group
projects do you assign? I'm looking for new ideas. There is some concern
that CS students might take my course with the expectation of it being an
easy A. (It's not, but still I think it needs to be more challenging for
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