[SIGCIS-Members] seeking freelance research assistants

danah boyd danah-sigcis at danah.org
Fri Jun 10 17:53:49 PDT 2022

::wave:: Happy summer! I'm hoping to hire a few freelance RAs for short-term work later this summer/fall. Perhaps someone on this list? Perhaps you know someone who would like these jobs?

tl;dr on Freelance RA Jobs: 
- Task: Read/critique my work-in-progress book (an ethnography of the 2020 US census) with an eye towards how I am engaging with key scholarly literatures (namely STS, org soc, history of numbers, public administration). Be the Reviewer #2 you wish you had. 
- Basics: Freelance work, ~80-100 hours of work @ $25/hr, somewhere between July-October
- Qualifications: Deep familiarity with a literature I'm engaging with. (Probably ideal for a post-quals ABD, postdoc, or alt-ac researcher.)

Full job description available here: http://www.danah.org/jobs/2022CensusRAs.html <http://www.danah.org/jobs/2022CensusRAs.html> 

PDF of the call is also attached. Please forward to anyone you think might find this of interest!!

Thanks so much!!!!


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