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Hello all,

I’d like to forward along this call for nominations.  We welcome historical perspectives on labor and technology! Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Labor Tech Research Network <http://labortechresearchnetwork.org/> (LaborTech) invites submissions for the Labor Tech Book and Graduate Student Paper Awards.  LaborTech is an interdisciplinary and transnational group of experts concerned with the intersection of where technology meets work.  We aim to reframe the conversation about technology and labor towards issues of power, inequality, and social justice, and incorporate themes of feminism, anti-racism, and transnationalism.  We also seek to foster an inter-disciplinary, cross-regional, and community-oriented space for discussion, collaboration, and empowerment.

As part of our launch as a nonprofit research network, LaborTech is inaugurating two Awards, one for Book and another for Graduate Student Paper, to honor works which have distinctive intellectual merit or activist impact, and have advanced the knowledge about labor and technology in the global society.  We invite submissions that address our core focus on labor and technology, and which may simultaneously address feminism, anti-racism, and/or transnationalism.  Please see our website (www.labortechresearchnetwork.org <http://www.labortechresearchnetwork.org/>) for a deeper discussion of our Mission (in About Us page), and examples of topics in our decade-long Speaker Series.

LaborTech Award Committees will evaluate nominations on their contributions to, and impact on, studying the intersections of technology and labor.  A small cash prize and certificate will be awarded to the winners.  The winners will be announced in December of 2022 at the LaborTech Launch Event, at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Study of Science (4S) in Mexico.

Submission Requirements for Both Awards:
Works from all disciplines and methodologies are eligible for nomination. Nominations are open to members of Labor Tech Research Network, as well as the broader scholarly community.  Nominations are welcome from authors, publishers, as well as self-nominations.  We encourage submissions from women, people of color, queer communities, and those from the global south.

The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2022. Please submit the following items in English: 1) an electronic version in PDF format (for books, if only print form is available, please contact us), and 2) a one-page nomination letter stating the significance and contribution of the work.  Send materials or any questions to labortechresearchnetwork at gmail.com <mailto:labortechresearchnetwork at gmail.com>

Book Award Requirements:
- Monographs only (no edited volumes or anthologies)
- Multiple authors are accepted
- Published in the last three years, 2020-2022

Graduate Student Paper Award Requirements:
The Graduate Student Paper Award is meant to honor labor and technology scholars in their early careers as students.  The criteria for submissions include the following.
- Writings by students who are currently in masters or doctoral programs, or who are graduating this year in 2022
- Single-authored pieces are preferred, but co-authors with other students are also accepted.  Writings that are co-authored with advisors or other PhDs are not accepted.
- Papers may be theoretical and/or empirical, as long as they have an original argument.  A variety of methodological and research styles are welcome.
- Papers may be published or unpublished.  If published, then dating to the last three years, 2020-2022
- Minimum 25 pages, maximum 40 pages, double spaced

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Announcing the launch of Labor Tech Research Network <http://www.labortechresearchnetwork.org/>, for which I am Director.  Check us out and support our GoFundMe <https://www.gofundme.com/f/labortech-research-network> !

Latest publication: Striking by Telegraph, Avatar, and Geotag: Changing ICT Landscapes of Virtual Protest <https://ijoc.org/index.php/ijoc/article/view/16529/3571>, International Journal of Communication

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