[SIGCIS-Members] Imagining AI, workshop and display, Oxford 9/10 September

Mate Szabo mate.szabo at maths.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jul 4 05:16:29 PDT 2022

Dear All,

We are happy to announce and invite everyone to the Imagining AI pop-up
exhibition and workshop in the Bodleian Library in Oxford during the
weekend of September 9-10 (https://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/node/60729).

The exhibition is organized by Professor Ursula Martin with the members of
the Oxford Mathematical Institute, the Bodleian Library and the History of
Science Museum in Oxford.

The exhibition focuses on the manuscripts of the Bodleian Library, but also
includes Jevons' logical piano from the HSM, among other artifacts.

On September 9th there will be an academic workshop putting the exhibition
in a broader context. The speakers of the event include:

   - Troy Astarte (Swansea) on Christoper Strachey's 1950s experiments with
   computer poetry and chess
   - David Brock (Computer History Museum, Mountain View) on curating AI
   - Kanta Dihal (Cambridge) author of "AI Narratives" (OUP)
   - David Dunning (Pennsylvania) on Jevons's 1850s "Reasoning Piano"
   - Sharon Ruston (Lancaster) author of “The science of life and death in
   Frankenstein" (Bodleian)
   - Máté Szabó (Oxford, Greenwich) on Max Newman's influence on Alan Turing

On September 10th there will be several demonstrations for the general
audience, including, among other, Ai-Da, the world’s first ultra realistic
robot artist, a model of Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine in action, and
a cybernetic robot ladybug that follows light and sound.

All events are free to attend, but registration is required for the

More information and registration links can be found at

Kind regards,
Máté Szabó

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Mathematical Institute
University of Oxford

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