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Anyone curious about A New History of Modern Computing (MIT Press, 2021)
which I wrote with Paul Ceruzzi, but not curious enough to have actually
read the book, might be interested in my latest to the February issue of
Communications of the ACM. "Becoming Universal: A New History of Modern
Computing" looks at some of the special challenges of writing an overview
history of a technology as mutable as the computer, talks about some of our
decisions and key themes, and gives an idea of how the book differs from
earlier overview histories.


You can read it at


My next contribution will be a delayed reaction to the death of Clive
Sinclair, focused on the machine that his obituaries tended to overlook: the
Sinclair QL. If any of you have QL stories to share, let me know. Also, if
anyone has contact information for Tony Tebby, David Karlin, or Jan Jones
I'd be interested to get it. If you haven't heard of the QL but like reading
about 1980s computer platforms, take a look at
https://www.theregister.com/2014/01/12/archaeologic_sinclair_ql/ for the
story. Also chapter 8 of Adamson and Kennedy's book Sinclair and the
'Sunrise' Technology which is available at


Best wishes,




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