[SIGCIS-Members] Tips on 18th - 20th c. nautical and astronomical tables

Friedrich Tietjen ft at mur.at
Mon Apr 4 08:00:15 PDT 2022

though he doesn't work explicitly on navigation, it might be rewarding  
to get in touch with Omar Nasim at the University of  
Regensburg/Germany hwo has been working on astro-photography and it's  
translation into celestial maps from the 19th century onward. I'm sure  
he can provide you not only with his own excellent writings but also a  
plethora of sources. (And when you're done with the writing I'd love  
to read it ...)
   Many greetings

Quoting Bernard Geoghegan <bernardgeoghegan2010 at u.northwestern.edu>:

> Dear Colleagues,
> Can anyone recommend key works on 18th-20th c. astronomical,  
> nautical, and maritime charts, esp as a pre-history to modern  
> information processing? I’m trying to write a history of how 19th c.  
> visuality was pieced together at sea, from a patchwork of  
> observations, charts, tables, astrolabes, etc, in which a regime of  
> calculations and information processing figure centrally in making  
> visual sense of the surrounding world.
> To give a very general idea of where I’m coming from, I’ve found  
> some very useful work in the Campbell-Kelly et al volume on “The  
> History of Mathematical Tables,” and Mindell’s work on naval systems  
> of artillery control has also been an inspiring point of reference.
> Thank for your thoughts on further sources!
> Warmly, Bernard

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