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Dear Bernard,

on the maritime part of your question: I would definitely have a look at the works of Sabine Höhler (KTH Stockholm):
"Depth Records and Ocean Volumes: Ocean Profiling by Sounding Technology, 1850-1930," History and Technology 18 (2002) 2, pp. 119-154.
and "Nature’s Accountability. 
Theme issue Science as Culture 19 (2010) 4", co-edited with Rafael Ziegler.

I was also fascinated by the works of Helen Mair Rawsthorne (LASTIG, Université Gustave Eiffel). She gave a talk on "Analysing 18th century hydrographic data: a campaign in the Bay of Biscay, 1750-1751“ and used Digital Humanities methods for it. Amazing research!
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Am 04.04.2022 um 13:29 schrieb Bernard Geoghegan <bernardgeoghegan2010 at u.northwestern.edu<mailto:bernardgeoghegan2010 at u.northwestern.edu>>:

Dear Colleagues,

Can anyone recommend key works on 18th-20th c. astronomical, nautical, and maritime charts, esp as a pre-history to modern information processing? I’m trying to write a history of how 19th c. visuality was pieced together at sea, from a patchwork of observations, charts, tables, astrolabes, etc, in which a regime of calculations and information processing figure centrally in making visual sense of the surrounding world.

To give a very general idea of where I’m coming from, I’ve found some very useful work in the Campbell-Kelly et al volume on “The History of Mathematical Tables,” and Mindell’s work on naval systems of artillery control has also been an inspiring point of reference.

Thank for your thoughts on further sources!

Warmly, Bernard
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