[SIGCIS-Members] faxing, covid, and printout v faxing confusion

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RFC 2542 - Terminology and Goals for Internet Fax (ietf.org) <https://tools.ietf.org/search/rfc2542>  


In 1999, this was an attempt to describe what fax was and why anyone on the internet would care (or not).

These days, you can  hold a piece of paper to your camera in a zoom call.


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thanks, this was a darkly amusing article.  i'm teaching a technology-and-society freshman seminar this semester (digitalquandary.org <http://digitalquandary.org> ) and in open discussion last week a student asked about how healthcare is often the last major sector to adopt IT innovation.  the article is an excellent example of that and i'll pass it along, even though these students were born well after the decline of fax.


btw - i read jonathan's "Faxed" book last year and it was great and highly informative - definitely a worthwhile addition to my bookshelf of tech history.  definitely recommended!



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At the risk of self-promotion, this might be of interest, if only to note the photo with a computer printout and not faxed sheets - I pointed out the error to the author





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FAXED.  The Rise and Fall of the Fax Machine (Johns Hopkins University Press) 

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