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With Valérie Schafer (Luxembourg) and Sebastian Giessmann (Siegen) I’ve
organized a small workshop, Interviewing in Practice and Theory as part of
Siegen University’s enormous grant funded Media of Cooperation project. The
university is shifting to hybrid formats for the rest of this year, so I am
scheduled to be there in person to lead two sessions of three hours each on
oral history issues. Those will be interactive, seminar style events with
some pre circulated readings and a chance for the participants to discuss
their planned or ongoing oral history research with me and with each other.
If any of you live within easy travel of Siegen and would like to attend in
person then I’d be thrilled to have you there, and I believe we can provide
food. However, given the short notice of this public announcement and
(connected) return of pandemic-related uncertainty and terror we expect most
participation to be virtual.


We also have two blocks of three hours each of talks plus a roundtable.
Those are times later in the day, so that US participants can potentially
listen to them without waking up absurdly early. As well as the organizers,
the lineup will include David Brock (Computer History Museum) and Milica
Popovic (Global Observatory on Academic Freedom, Central European
University). I’ll be giving a talk on what to do when things go wrong in an
interview, which might be fun.


For the full program and information on registration, please visit


I’m rather hoping that Germany is not about to follow Sweden and the
Netherlands by imposing bans on vaccinated travelers from the US.


Best wishes,




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