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James A Hodges james.hodges at rutgers.edu
Mon Jan 25 10:41:00 PST 2021

Greetings, and please accept my apologies for cross-posting with a few
other lists.

I’m James Hodges, and I am in the process of assuming the position of
Senior Book Reviews Editor for Information & Culture journal (

I will be taking the helm from our current editor later this spring, and
I’m writing today to solicit pitches for our upcoming issues.

I’m especially interested in bringing a more global and multicultural range
of subject matter to our review pages. This means that while our general
focus on the social and cultural influence of information remains
unchanged, I am eager to seek out books and reviewers with origins and
expertise in areas beyond the Anglosphere and Global North.

Do you have a book coming out that fits with the editorial mission of
Information & Culture?
Is there a new or upcoming book that you would like to review?

If so, please contact reviews at ischool.utexas.edu to let us know!

We are also currently seeking reviewers for the following titles:

A History of Data Visualization and Graphic Communication
Michael Friendly, Howard Wainer; June 2021

Burning the Books: A History of the Deliberate Destruction of Knowledge
Richard Ovenden; November 2020

Please get in touch via reviews at ischool.utexas.edu if you are interested in
reviewing these or other titles.

More information: Information & Culture is an academic journal printed
three times a year by the University of Texas Press. It publishes original,
high-quality, peer reviewed articles examining the social and cultural
influences and impact of information and its associated technologies,
broadly construed, on all areas of human endeavor. In keeping with the
spirit of information studies, we seek papers emphasizing a human-centered
focus that address the role of and reciprocal relationship of information
and culture, regardless of time and place.

The journal welcomes submissions from an array of relevant theoretical and
methodological approaches, including but not limited to historical,
sociological, psychological, political and educational research that
address the interaction of information and culture.

I look forward to collaborating with members of this community!



Bullard Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Texas at Austin
School of Information
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