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Wed Jan 20 15:03:57 PST 2021

Hi David,

Interesting topic! I’m looking forward to hearing more and seeing your resource pool.

I can share a few things including:

• a collection of discussions/newsletters from when FidoNet SysOps were heavily debating the enforcement of "real name" policies in the early 1990s

• several journal articles also from the BBS era exploring how beneficial handles ("second lives" as one author declared) were for LGBTQ, at-risk, and bullied youth to freely explore their authentic self

I’ll reach out directly soon.

KO ▋

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On 20 Jan 2021, 14:25 -0800, D. Schmudde <d at schmud.de>, wrote:
> Hello all -
> I am interested in learning more about the history of identity systems
> on computer networks. From finger to CompuServe IDs to Twitter handles.
> Any advice for resources?
> I am most interested in the design trade-offs made for each system.
> Priorities may include memorability, ease of administration, anonymity,
> user flexibility, findability, uniqueness, and cultural issues that
> relate to self identification or identification in society.
> Any research that pertains to these issues is much appreciated. While I
> have your attention, I'll also ask if anybody would like to anecdotally
> share any particularly absurd or well-conceived identity systems they
> have encountered.
> Many thanks!
> /David
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