[SIGCIS-Members] Identity Systems on Computer Networks

D. Schmudde d at schmud.de
Wed Jan 20 14:25:32 PST 2021

Hello all -

I am interested in learning more about the history of identity systems 
on computer networks. From finger to CompuServe IDs to Twitter handles. 
Any advice for resources?

I am most interested in the design trade-offs made for each system. 
Priorities may include memorability, ease of administration, anonymity, 
user flexibility, findability, uniqueness, and cultural issues that 
relate to self identification or identification in society.

Any research that pertains to these issues is much appreciated. While I 
have your attention, I'll also ask if anybody would like to anecdotally 
share any particularly absurd or well-conceived identity systems they 
have encountered.

Many thanks!


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e: d at schmud.de
t: @dschmudde

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