[SIGCIS-Members] TNMOC Virtual talk - Percy Ludgate (1883 -1922) - Charles Babbage’s First Successor - A virtual talk by Professor Brian Randell

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Thu Apr 22 12:15:34 PDT 2021

Dear SIGCIS Members,

I am delighted to announce that have a scheduled talk -
Title- Percy Ludgate (1883 -1922) - Charles Babbage’s First Successor - *A
virtual talk by Professor Brian Randell*


Charles Babbage and Percy Ludgate were pioneers in computing, developing
the first "analytical engines" - yet their stories couldn’t be more

Babbage was a mathematician and inventor who received many thousands of
pounds from the British government to help fund his work on a difference
engine before he went on to design his analytical engine. Ludgate was a
clerk to a corn merchant and an amateur scientist who designed his engine
during his spare time, largely unaware of Babbage’s project, before
publishing an account of his design in 1909.

Brian Randell - who is Emeritus Professor at Newcastle University’s School
of Computing - stumbled across Ludgate's story and released a research
paper on it in 1971. Since then almost nothing further had been found out
about Ludgate or his incredible achievement – until recently.

In this TNMOC talk, Professor Randell will describe the findings of a
project he’s been participating in, that is led by Dr. Brian Coghlan of
Trinity College Dublin, into the life and work of this amazing and
little-known successor of the famous Babbage.
The talk will last about an hour.Here is a link for your community to join,
please note there are a few ticket options for those that may already be
supporters of TNMOC


Kind regards
Jacqui Garrad
Museum Director
The National Museum of Computing
Tel: 01908 374708
Mobile: 07807 024455
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