[SIGCIS-Members] Vint Hill Farms, VA

David Hemmendinger hemmendd at union.edu
Mon Oct 26 16:13:37 PDT 2020

	Arcola, Texas has a loop: Eckert Rd, Shockley Lane, Bardeen Way,
and Zuse St, with Brattain Drive off one side, connected to Discovery
Drive.  Farther along Discovery Drive are Pasteur Lane and Lister Drive
opposite Delta Drive, and still farther, Whitman Drive, Austen Court,
Faulkner Trail, Twain Court, and Joyce Drive.  Cassini, Galileo, and
Da Vinci are in the neighborhood.  Multidisciplinary!


>In Germany, many streets are named after Konrad Zuse by the way. To my
>knowledge, none of them crosses a Gottfried Leibniz Street.

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