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Mon Oct 12 10:34:14 PDT 2020

Thank you, Andy.

On 10/12/2020 11:05 AM, Andrew Russell wrote:
> Dave’s recent essay, “Noticing history - a personal view” is published 
> in the most recent edition of TUGboat - 
> https://tug.org/TUGboat/tb41-2/tb128walden-noticing.pdf (issue ToC is 
> here: https://www.tug.org/TUGboat/tb41-2/).

The first url above has been arranged to take you to the essay. The link 
to the essay from the TOC doesn't get you there because much of the 
content of issues of the journal is for members-only until the next 
issue (three times a year) is published; after that issues are 
completely open access.  On the other hand, the presentations from the 
conference, whether in the proceedings issue or not, are publicly 
available at

Naturally are lot of the presentations are about TeX or LaTeX or another 
TeX-derived system.  However, others are of more general interest; see 
the entire list at:
For instance, see the presentation of the person who invented Pandoc 
which I can imagine might be of use in some computing history publishing 
The following was a favorite for me:
(it's history even if not computing history).

If you have comments on the essay (either supporting my argument or 
arguing against it), I would love to see them -- either sent to this 
list or to me at my email address.  I am thinking about how to improve 
the essay in a revised version -- to make it more compelling for 


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