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Some members of this list may know of, or be interested in, the photography of William M. Rittase<https://www.hagley.org/librarynews/photographer-william-m-rittase-and-his-iconic-image-eniac>  who took the iconic photographs that introduced the world to the ENIAC. He was also a contemporary of Dorothea Lange and Margaret Bourke-White and shared some stylistic sensibilities with them.

Rittase’s work is scattered in several of our collections and has appeared in a few art photography exhibitions (MoMA in 1932, Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2001), but despite its artistic merit, Rittase is relatively obscure. As Hagley’s curator Kevin J. Martin notes in a current blog post on Rittase<https://www.hagley.org/librarynews/photographer-william-m-rittase-and-his-iconic-image-eniac>  not much is know about his life and even the contours of his career aren’t well known in detail. Even major photography repositories like the PMA, Chicago Arts Institute, the Getty, etc., have only sporadic pieces of his output.

Industrial photography is in Hagley’s collecting mission. If you know of any Rittase photographs, or any photographic collections describing American and international business, technology, or industrial design, that are currently not being preserved and publicly accessible, please consider contacting me.


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