[SIGCIS-Members] Digital Soviet Union (a new PhD from Finland)

Petri Paju petpaju at utu.fi
Fri May 15 10:58:18 PDT 2020

Hello all,

This phd dissertation from Finland might be of interest for some people on the list. It's from the (Finnish) National defence university so has current military related interest but is using history research, including some from people on this list to understand Russia's present policy regarding the internet:
Digital Soviet Union: the Russian national segment of the Internet as a closed national network shaped by strategic cultural ideas, by Juha Kukkola.

Downloadable from:

As yet I can't say much of the content and results, but I'll be interested to hear thoughts from someone who is better informed. (I've been planning a side project on IT "businesses" (yes, widely undertood) between the West and the Soviet Union in the late cold war.)

Best wishes,


from University of Turku,

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