[SIGCIS-Members] Yngvar Lundh died on August 25th

dave walden dave.walden.family at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 17:27:23 PDT 2020

See https://no.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yngvar_Lundh and maybe use Google 

Yngvar's story is told in greater detail at 

The department editor's note at the beginning of the a2018 Annals 
anecdote says:
Yngvar Lundh was instrumental in the development of some of Norway’s 
earliest digital computers, having started his investigation of digital 
electronics in the 1950s. He continued his involvement with digital 
computers and digital communications for the next 40 years. A 10 April 
2017 article about Lundh in the Norwegian online information and 
telecommunications newspaper digi.no quotes another pioneer of Norwegian 
computing, saying, “Yngvar Lundh is the most important person in 
Norwegian IT ever.”

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