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Hi all, see inquiry below about TI calculators. With Maya's permission, I am forwarding her message to this list. If you can assist, please contact her directly at: Maya Kosoff <mekosoff at gmail.com>


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Subject: Question from a reporter

Hi! I'm a reporter writing for GEN<https://gen.medium.com/>, a Medium publication focused on culture and politics. I'm hoping to speak to someone from SIGCIS who may be able to help me with a story I'm writing. I'm reporting about income inequality and Texas Instruments graphing calculators, and I've mostly spoken with teachers who have had to buy TI calculators for their students in low-income districts. I'm hoping to speak with someone from SIGCIS who can help me understand how Texas Instruments became the de facto brand of graphing calculator in schools everywhere, even though I understand the calculators make up a relatively small percentage of Texas Instruments' overall business. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Maya Kosoff

Maya Kosoff
(717) 644-5691
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