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(reprinted from Quanta - extract..)

...chaos went mainstream with the publication of James Gleick’s Chaos:
Making a New Sciencein 1987. Before long, Jeff Goldblum, playing the chaos
theorist Ian Malcolm, was pausing, stammering and charming his way through
lines about the unpredictability of nature in Jurassic Park.

All told, it’s a neat narrative. Lorenz, “the father of chaos,” started a
scientific revolution on the LGP-30. It is quite literally a textbook case
for how the numerical experiments that modern science has come to rely
on—in fields ranging from climate science to ecology to astrophysics—can
uncover hidden truths about nature.

But in fact, Lorenz was not the one running the machine. There’s another
story, one that has gone untold for half a century. A year and a half ago,
an MIT scientist happened across a name he had never heard before and
started to investigate. The trail he ended up following took him into the
MIT archives, through the stacks of the Library of Congress, and across
three states and five decades to find information about the women who,
today, would have been listed as co-authors on that seminal paper. And that
material, shared with Quanta, provides a fuller, fairer account of the
birth of chaos.

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