[SIGCIS-Members] Publication about history of computers in Czech Republic

Pierre Mounier-Kuhn mounier at msh-paris.fr
Mon May 27 08:11:11 PDT 2019

Dear Colleague,

The history of computers in Czechoslovakia is an interesting topic, and your short overview could be published in many computer or electronics journals. I CC your message to ACONIT (Grenoble) which might consider presenting it on its website.

If you want to expand it into a real history paper, it might fit in the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, but this would require to discuss the approach and content with historians, particularly with Helena Durnova and the group of colleagues working on computing in the ex-Soviet block. 
Among the questions you might want to address:
- What sources are available?
- Why would people want to develop computing machines?
- What were the specific problems hampering the transfer from academic prototype to commercial product in the post-war Czechoslovakia context?
- What was the Czech authorities' strategy regarding the JSEP/RYAD project initiated in Moscow ? (differenciation… adoption of a Bull computer designed in Paris and produced under licence by Tesla [not the US car maker, of course…])
- What was the investment strategy of Western computer companies in Czechoslovakia after the collapse of communism (this might reveal their appreciation of "local resources" and specific competencies)

You may know that Antonín Svoboda has told his own story at the Los Alamos conference in 1976 (proceedings published : Howlett J., N. Metropolis, G.-C. Rota. "A History of Computing in the XXth century, A Collection of Essays", Academic Press, New-York 1980). 

Best regards,
Pierre Mounier-Kuhn

CNRS & Sorbonne Université

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Objet: [SIGCIS-Members] Publication about history of computers in Czech Republic

Dear Colegues,

I wrote short paper about Production and development of computers in 
Czechoslovakia in 1945 – 1989.

Do you have some idea where I can publish it?

Thank you for cooperation and help


Boba Mannova

Dr. Bozena (Boba) Mannova
CTU in Prague, Department of Computer Science
Karlovo namesti 13, Praha 2, CZ 121 35
phone: +420 224 357 312
e-mail: mannova at fel.cvut.cz

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