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Gleb J. Albert gleb.albert at uzh.ch
Wed Apr 3 02:00:29 PDT 2019

Dear John,

Thanks a lot for posting this, this is really an excellent initiative I 
didn't know anything about. It's really worth signing up - then one gets 
access to the complete interview transcripts, such as the fascinating 
interview with Chris Curry.

Do you know whether it is planned to scan and put up more industry 
weeklies? There are some that are really underrepresented in the 
libraries, such as "Computer Trade Weekly", the 1980s issues of which 
are not even available at the British Library.

All the best,

Am 03.04.2019 um 02:00 schrieb Tucker J.V.:
> I'm not sure how well this excellent private initiative is known in the 
> community:
> ***Archives for IT (AIT)*
> http://archivesit.org.uk
> The Archives for IT is a digital database of media and interviews with 
> people associated with the UK IT and Telecommunications 
> industry. In addition to providing source material for interested 
> professional and amateur scholars and students, the project hopes to 
> enlarge the social and industrial history of the UK.
> The Archive is people-centred because it  observes that people are 
> very interested in other people and what they do and how they do it.  
> There is an opportunity to study and understand some fascinating 
> testimonies, both for their educational value and personal fulfilment.
> It should be added to the SIGCIS Resources (History of Computing in the 
> UK: A Resource Guide).

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