[SIGCIS-Members] Behind the scenes with the new History of Modern Computing

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As some of you know, I am collaborating with Paul Ceruzzi to produce a new
edition of his classic overview A History of Modern Computing. The new book
will be fully updated and completely restructured and should appear with MIT
Press in 2020.


If want to know more about the approach we are taking, you might be
interested my informal paper "Finding a Story for the History of Computing"
in Siegen University's Media of Cooperation series. This can be found online
at  https://www001.zimt.uni-siegen.de/ojs/index.php/wps1187/article/view/20.
It's like one of those "making of" featurettes that get included as bonus
features on a DVD - discussing the objectives for the new edition, new
structure, challenges, etc.


Paul and I will both be at SHOT. If any of you have any comments or
suggestions on our approach we would be happy to hear them. I'll also be
looking for people to alpha test drafts of new chapters with their classes
in the coming semester, as I know it is sometimes used as a textbook.


Best wishes,





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