[SIGCIS-Members] History of intellectual property in computing?

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Thanks so much, everyone!  Extremely helpful... I look forward to many happy hours looking into these resources.

- Bill

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Along the lines of the work that Nathan Ensmenger recommends (humanist/sociology/rhetoric/history), I'd also suggest Gabriella Coleman's work on hacker's code and speech (particularly an article in Cultural Anthropology, "Code is Speech"). I have an article in Computational Culture on the metaphors used to describe code in the law, "Text, Speech, Machine": http://computationalculture.net/article/text-speech-machine-metaphors-for-computer-code-in-the-law .

There's of course a huge body of work on this in law journals, particularly by Pamela Samuelson, Michael Madison, Greg Lastowka, Robert Merges, Mark Lemley, Julie Cohen, Dan Burk, and even a great write-up on copyright feasibility for computer programs by Justice Breyer in the Harvard Law Review in 1970.

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Another IP issue is hardware cloning. There were many Apple II clones and even some Macintosh clones -- some made with Apple's permission, others not. This continues today with the "Hackintosh" trend and, on the software side, the issue of jailbreaking and mobile app permissions.

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