[SIGCIS-Members] How to See the Internet Hiding in Plain Sight

Ceruzzi, Paul CeruzziP at si.edu
Mon Oct 17 05:58:37 PDT 2016

I wrote a blog post about this years ago, when I stumbled upon the mysterious "MAE-East":

Paul Ceruzzi
ceruzzip at si.edu

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Apologies if it has been mentionned before. I came across serendipitously on this art infrastructure project


which is also a book


As maintainers and infrastructure studies have been debated recently on the list, I wondered if it was known, and if it was, what do SIGCISers think about this piece?

Alexandre Hocquet

Université de Lorraine & Archives Henri Poincaré Alexandre.Hocquet at univ-lorraine.fr

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