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Claus Pias pias at leuphana.de
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…just wanted to add that I made the very same experience when studying electrical engineering in the mid 1980’s at RWTH Aachen in Germany. I also vaguely remember that one of the written exams had to be done by ‚pen and paper‘ programming. 
So I wonder how long this method was practiced and how long the period of retention for written exams lasts in Germany — but with a little luck you may find materials from generations of students in the examination office’s archives of technical universities… ;-)

Best, Claus

> Am 02.09.2015 um 19:10 schrieb Molly Des Jardin <mdesjardin at gmail.com>:
> when I was a CS undergrad at Pitt 1999-2003 we had to write code (pseudocode
> and otherwise) by hand and create flow charts on paper and whiteboards
> for class. 


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