[SIGCIS-Members] If coming to SHOT, remember to bring books (& cash) for the auction

Thomas Haigh thaigh at computer.org
Tue Oct 6 21:52:45 PDT 2015



Those of you coming to the annual SHOT meeting, starting Thursday evening,
please remember to scour your shelves before you leave for the airport and
throw in a book or two relevant to the interests of our members. 


I've been asked by Andy Russell, the current SIGCIS chair, to reprise my
traditional role as book auctioneer to raise money to fund our graduate
student travel awards. So bring a nice wad of cash with which to bid
generously on the books donated by others. 


The auction will take place during the SIGCIS lunch meeting which I've been
able to confirm is as usual on Friday. Some of the SHOT program is online at
but there is apparently a deliberate policy not to put the complete program
with locations, SIG events, etc. online to deter freeloaders. I don't think
the meeting website information even tells you when and where to register to
get the real program! Fortunately there is an overview schedule of sessions
hiding inside the newsletter PDF at


Details of the SIGCIS workshop, all day Sunday, are at
http://www.sigcis.org/workshop15. I note that the SHOT online program claims
that the workshop starts at 8am, but our own website promises a much less
scary 9am start. In this case, trust SIGCIS.


Best wishes,



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