[SIGCIS-Members] seeking information and research guidance on an early computer image created in 1965 called the Digital Mona Lisa

andy patros apatros at stny.rr.com
Sun Nov 8 12:23:41 PST 2015


I’ve been conducting research on an early computer generated image, (created in 1965), called the Digital Mona Lisa.
The process for it’s creation was developed by H. Philip Peterson while he was with Control Data Digigraphic Lab in Burlington, Massachusetts.

I’ve learned much about Mr. Peterson and his Mona project, but I consider my research far from definitive.  I feel that there are still gaps in the information I’ve been able to uncover.

The other part of the Peterson Mona project that I have just begun to research is of the Calcomp plotter end of this project.  I know even less about this segment.

In an effort to leave as many stones unturned as possible, if you have knowledge of this project, could you contact me via email?

I’d be happy to let you know what I’ve learned to this point, as we all what I still hope to learn.

Thank you for any assistance that can be provided.


Andy Patros
1127 Pennsylvania Ave.
Elmira, NY 14904
apatros at stny.rr.com <mailto:apatros at stny.rr.com>
www.digitalmonalisa.com <http://www.digitalmonalisa.com/> 
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