[SIGCIS-Members] Seeking Logitech contact, expertise in peripherals

Brent Strang brent.strang at stonybrook.edu
Sun May 24 09:58:22 PDT 2015

Dear All,

I am doing research on the co-evolution of gamepads, remote controls and
computer peripherals and opening a case study on Logitech, who make all
three. If anyone has any contacts with the company, or knows someone who
formally worked there, I’d be grateful for their contact info.

That said, I would like to interview anyone here in the SIGCIS group who
has has design and/or engineering expertise in working on
gamepads/mice/remote controls. More specifically, I’m researching IR & RF
frequency protocols, analogue sticks/trackballs, ergonomics and general
look & feel. I understand basically how they work; I’m more interested in
how design, engineering, and administrative departments coordinate in
addition to their working within the parameters of third-party
manufacturing contracts.

Any feedback is most welcome!

Brent Strang
Ph.D. candidate, Cultural Studies
Stony Brook University, New York
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