[SIGCIS-Members] Listserv Transition and Update

Jesiek, Brent K bjesiek at purdue.edu
Wed Mar 25 07:19:01 PDT 2015

Dear Colleagues:

By now you should have received a message indicating that you have been re-subscribed to members at sigcis.org - this listserv! We performed this procedure because sigcis.org has moved to a new web host. This meant that we had to rebuild the list and generate new subscriber passwords. Some items to note:

1. All subscriber options have been set back to their defaults. If you had configured any custom subscriber options (e.g., digest mode, setting the "nomail" flag for alternate e-mail addresses, etc.), you will need to log back into Mailman and re-set these options.

2. The listserv archives have a new URL. If you maintain web sites or other directories that link directly to the archives, please check and update your links accordingly: 


3. There was a period from about March 13-24 when the listserv was down. (Our regrets!) If you sent items to this list during that period, you may need to resend them.

Thanks for your patience with our transition, and please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the members listserv. We hope that our new hosting service will provide higher levels of performance and reliability for both the web site and listserv.

Brent Jesiek
SIGCIS Internet Infrastructure Officer
bjesiek at purdue.edu or admin at sigcis.org

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