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A good question. I found this book of value, although it does not directly address the issue Alexander is asking about:
Jack Goldsmith & Tim Wu, Who Controls the Internet? Illusions of a Borderless World (Oxford University Press 2006).  The authors are professors of law at Harvard & Columbia, respectively. Perhaps one could contact the authors & see if they have done further work since 2006 (an eternity in "Internet time").


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I'm forwarding a query about the history of Internet law and regulation. Most of what I'm familiar with is about standards, ICANN and IANA, and global governance issues; I sent him some references for Mueller and DeNardis. I don't know anything about the Internet in Germany. Suggestions?

You can respond directly to Peukert, or to this list and I will collect and forward.


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Dear Professor Abbate,

I am teaching IP law at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main/Germany, and I read with great interest your book "Inventing the Internet". I am currently undertaking a search with regard to the legal history of the internet, that is to say the regulations that governed the evolution of the internet in the U.S. and other countries, in particular Germany. Aside of your book, I only came across few articles that partly address some issues, in particular the history of ICANN (Weinberg, 2000) and the privatization of the internet backbone network (Kesan and Shah, 2001). I did not find, however, an in-depth legal-historical study of one (let alone all) major steps in the evolution of the internet until the end of the 1990ies.

Are you aware of such a study? Do you know someone who is dealing with these questions?

Kind regards
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