[SIGCIS-Members] Taking about the past of the Internet as the future

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Fri Apr 17 15:30:12 PDT 2015

In my talk at IFTF this coming week (http://rmf.vc/IFTF2015) I plan to
present a my own take on the history of the Internet as I watched it evolve
as a byproduct of shifting intelligence into our devices. Some sense of this
is in http://rmf.vc/IEEERefactoringCE. I realize that the "Institute For the
Future" framing seems to be the opposite of history but the first step is to
revisit the last fifty years in light of what we've learned since. We tend
to fit the Internet into the story of telecommunications rather than
recognizing that it a discontinuity and part of a very different story.


For those in the New Jersey area I'm going to be at
http://www.vintage.org/2015/east/ this weekend. Where do vintage computer
fit into the mission of SIGCOS?


BTW, for those of us without MUSE access how do we read


Bob Frankston




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