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Dear SIGCIS Members,

I have written a follow up to my original blog post:

The original post
been viewed about 10,000 times as I write this email. There are hundreds of
calls on Twitter for Morozov to apologize. Many are calling him a
plagiarist (a term I still haven't used). I have been contacted by dozens
of historians who believe that Morozov must speak out. I have encountered
only one historian who buys the arguments about "highbrow journalism" and
different genres, and even he backed off of it. Prominent journalism
professors have said on Twitter that genre is no reason to violate norms.

I believe that, if we polled historians, they would say that Morozov should
apologize publicly. The irony is that, through his hardheadedness, Morozov
is alienating himself from the very communities he aspires to join.

OK, I'm going to hide in a cave now. I have found this whole situation
stressful and unpleasant.



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