[SIGCIS-Members] Hacking Europe book out now! With special offer for SHOT

Alberts, Gerard G.Alberts at uva.nl
Thu Nov 6 07:58:40 PST 2014

Dear collaegues,
I am proud to announce that the Hacking Europe, From Computer Cultures to Demoscenes book is really out now. It was announced earlier, but I have a material copy in my hands now. I will bring this very copy for Tom's Friday auction.
Ruth Oldenziel and I were lucky to harvest a spin-off from the Software for Europe project, bringing together fascinating stories of hacker scenes in various European countries, East, Central, and West. Not only is it a fresh subject, the authors represent a new generation of historians of computing. They are good, and it has been an honor to work with them in the creation of this book.

Hacking Europe is also my "first" in the Springer History of Computing Series

For the book itself and the chapter

As the book comes out today there is a special offer on the occasion of SHOT for those who want to purchase the hardcover or the e-book version:
Get 20% o? the printed book or eBook!
Use the following token on springer.com
? tCmCBtT43NBdmWr (Valid 06/11/14 - 06/12/14)

For the e-book version we have made sure that the downloadable chapters are selfcontained, i.e. bring their own bibliogrpahy.
Springer books are also available for us mortals: if your library has the appropriate Springer package, you can order a print on demand  copy for yourself at the price of 25 Euro's or Dollars. In my experience the pod copies ordered through Springer are better than the Amazon ones.

Hope to see you all on Friday and Sunday,
Gerard Alberts
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