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Wed May 14 13:24:48 PDT 2014

My review of the Daylight-Knuth booklet (mentioned in my previous 
message) suggests some of what Knuth was unhappy about in the 
discussion in that booklet.  See the second column of journal page 72 
(4th page of the PDF) at
Reading the booklet, it seemed less about history by practitioners 
versus by historians than about including technical content or 
not.  Not quoted in my review, but stated by Knuth in the booklet is 
his belief that Campbell-Kelly advises his student to "concentrate on 
contexts, and to write for a non-technical audience, rather than to 
also give some depth."  The booklet's entire discussion of this is on 
pages 74 through 77.  Knuth states that he wants breadth and depth in 
science history (which he asserts is still the case in math history).

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