[SIGCIS-Members] Building an analog for class?/Thanks to list for prior help

Andrew Meade McGee amm5ae at virginia.edu
Tue May 13 18:02:28 PDT 2014

Dear List Folks,

First, a thanks and update. Last fall I e-mailed this list seeking input on
course design for a four week computer history class and received many
wonderful, instructive answers. Shortly after writing I was sidelined with
some unexpected kidney surgeries and never got to respond with thanks. I'm
all healed up now and am glad to report that the class is in progress and
makes use of many group members' suggestions. It's going smashingly well.

Which leads to another call for guidance: some of my students have
expressed interest in building an analog computer for their final project,
and have approached me because they can't find instructions on how to do
it. I've scoured the web, and while I have access to plenty of 50s- and
60s-era textbooks on principles of analog computing, I can't seem t find a
simple wiring schema/set of blueprints suitable for humanities undergrads
with limited workshop experience.

Have any of you ever had students build a simple analog computer? Any
suggestions on guidance or instructions or templates I might provide the
eager but inexperienced students?

Thank you,
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