[SIGCIS-Members] My article "Reconsidering the Stored Program Concept" published in Annals

Thomas Haigh thaigh at computer.org
Wed Mar 26 15:14:56 PDT 2014

Hello everyone,

The most recent Annals includes the first of a trilogy of ENIAC-related
articles, written with Mark Priestley and Crispin Rope. It's called
"Reconsidering the Stored Program Concept." If you have ever wondered "what
is the stored program concept?" or "why is it so important" or "where did
that phrase come from" then this tries to provide some answers. You may
remember some discussion on this list back in 2012 on the question of when
and how the phrase was introduced, which is one of many ways in which our
efforts on this project have benefitted from the support of the SIGCIS
community. Thanks to all those who commented on earlier versions, steered us
to sources, or shared their thoughts with us, including Peggy Kidwell, Paul
Lasewicz, Dawn Stanford, William Aspray, Atsushi Akera, Paul Ceruzzi, David
Hemmendinger, Martin Campbell-Kelly, Gerard Alberts, Liesbeth De Mol, Allan
Olley, David Alan Grier, Ulf Hashagen and Doron Swade. 

Annals needs all the hits in the IEEE CS digital library it can find, so if
you have access please get it from there at

If not, there is a copy on my personal site at

Sharing news of publications is one of the functions of the list, so please
do let the community for anything relevant that you have published. As
always, links are better than attachments.

Best wishes,


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