[SIGCIS-Members] Telegram service ending soon - have any other info technologies actually died?

Christian Sandvig csandvig at umich.edu
Tue Jun 18 16:07:55 PDT 2013

This question is the topic of the dead media project (
http://www.deadmedia.org/), which is itself dead.

My favorite nominations:

The Myriorama.  Once you have a motion picture, a motorized three-mile-long
panoramic painting on rollers (shown while a performer narrates and plays
the piano) fails to draw a crowd. Although actually now that I think of it
I would pay to see a myriorama today.

The Telephonic Newspaper (e.g.,


So, can anyone come up with another information technology that has
> definitively and verifiably vanished completely from use? Specific products
> don’t count.
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