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Message below from Atsushi, which fell victim to our intermittent
DNS-related email issue. He’s  being very gracious. And obviously it’s a
good thing for SHOT that there are multiple choices on Sunday, so please
flit back and forward as needed.




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Hi Everyone,


Actually, I encourage everyone to attend the SIG-CIS event
 unless you’re
especially interested in questions of teaching & pedagogy. I just sent the
announcement to the entire set of SIG chairs, and Tom was kind enough to
forward it (after much equivocating!), given that SIG-CIS organized a full
day event, as SIG-CIS members, I’d recommend that you prioritize the SIG-CIS


Thanks, Tom!!


-          Atsushi



Atsushi Akera

Associate Professor, Department of Science and Technology Studies

Rensselaer Polytechnic institute

110 8th Street

Troy, NY 12180  USA

cel: 518.300.0613/fx:518.276-2659/e:akeraa at rpi.edu /w:


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Hello SIGCIS members,


Here’s an odd request: you might want to consider not coming to the latest
SIGCIS workshop on the Sunday of the SHOT meeting this year in Portland
Maine. Specifically, Atsushi Akera (himself a former acting leader of our
group and winner of our book prize) has asked me to forward the announcement
below. SIGCIS is having a full day workshop. 


Now, what Atsushi wants you to know and I thus feel honor bound to tell you,
is that he has organized an entirely separate Sunday morning event for the
Prometheans SIG on the theme of “How Should We Teach the History of
Technology?” The other organizers, Ann Johnson and Jonathan Coppersmith, are
also active SIGCIS members. They are hoping that you come to it. Their
lineup of panelists looks very interesting, though hopefully not so
interesting as to drag everyone away from our cutting edge workshop on “Old
Ideas.” So this gives you another good reason to stay in Portland on Sunday,
and of course you would be free in the afternoon to attend the second half
our workshop even if you opt to consider pedagogical matters in the morning.


(Our own workshop page is www.sigcis.org/workshop13 although the provisional
program is not up yet. I’m travelling with my family this week, but should
get it posted soon).





The Prometheans

SHOT’s Engineering SIG

Atsushi Akera (Rensselaer), Chair

Ann Johnson (University of South Carolina), Chair Elect

Jonathan Coopersmith (Texas A&M), Outreach Coordinator




A Prometheans (Engineering) SIG Sponsored Session

Sunday, 13 October 2013

9am – 12 noon

@ The SHOT Annual Meeting
Portland, Maine


How Should We Teach the History of Technology?

A Roundtable on Education



Final Program



9am               Welcome & Opening Remarks
Atsushi Akera (Rensselaer)
Roundtable Organizer & Prometheans SIG Chair

915am          Roundtable Discussion I
Voids, Opportunities, Audience

Opening Statements 

                       Starting Points and Trajectories of STS/History of
Technology and What It Excludes
Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga (MIT)

Selling the History of Technology to History Majors
Arwen Mohun (University of Delaware)

Graduate Seminars that Reach Out to Science and Engineering Students
Matthew Wisnioski (Virginia Tech)

Preparing Students for the Emerging Innovation Economy
Lars Heide (Copenhagen Business School)

The History of Innovations and Transitions Inspiring New Engineering
Practices: Why History Matters
Ulrik Jørgensen (Aalborg University)

Perspectives on Environmental Ethics & Sustainability
Sara Pritchard (Cornell University)



1030am        (break)


1045am        Panel Discussion II
Pedagogic Challenges


                      Opening Statements 

                       Technology and the History of Technology in General
Education (Gen Ed) Programs
Heidi Voskuhl (Harvard University)

Inspiring Students at a Small Liberal Arts College
William Storey (Millsaps College)

Rigor in the Humanities at an Engineering School 
Atsushi Akera (Rensselaer)

Student Engagement with Normativity
Ann Johnson (University of South Carolina)

Challenges and Rewards of Integrating History of Technology with Technical
Robert Martello (Olin College) 







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