[SIGCIS-Members] Request: Hopper interview

Marie Hicks mhicks1 at iit.edu
Wed Aug 21 11:41:24 PDT 2013

Hi all,

In 1982 Grace Hopper was interviewed on 60 minutes. The full video of
the interview used to be available on youtube but has since been taken
down.  Unfortunately I didn't think to save a copy before it was. (Now
there are only short clips on the CBS website.)

I like to show the interview to my History of Computing class to
humanize Hopper. I am hoping someone on the list might have a saved
copy of the full interview that they'd be willing to share with me. It
was about 13 minutes long or so, I think. Feel free to reply off-list.


Marie Hicks, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor, History of Technology
Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, IL USA
mhicks1 at iit.edu | mariehicks.net | @histoftech

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